What Role Do Air Filters Play

Air filters in the cabin and the engine work to keep the air as pure as possible. Cabin air filters work to keep mold, dust or other irritants from getting into the air that you or your passengers breathe while on a trip. This may make it easier for someone with allergies or asthma to survive riding in your vehicle.

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New Ford Expedition Dominates Full-Size SUV Segment

When people shop for new vehicles, they often turn to the ones with which they are most familiar. While staying with something you already know and trust can be a good idea, sometimes doing so prevents you from discovering another product that is just as good or better.

At Ernest McCarty Ford in Alabaster, AL, we want you to take a closer look at what you can get if you decide to purchase the newly re-engineered 2018 Ford Expedition. However, to do that properly, you must compare it to a vehicle in the same class. 

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Vehicle Spotlight: 2018 Ford Mustang GT

It’s that time again. Every year Ford has the daunting task of reimagining one of the world’s most iconic vehicles ever to be conceived. I’m speaking, of course, about the classic American muscle car—the Mustang. And, like preparing for your sixtieth time watching The Notebook, you’re going to want to bring a box of tissues; this one is going to bring you to tears.


Happy tears, of course. Who’s…

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Looking for Value? Consider the 2018 Ford Focus SEL

The 2018 Ford Focus SEL has already earned a widespread reputation for value and safety. You will likely do a double take of the sales price of this car once you realize all of the features and safety assists you are getting!

The electronic stability control and brake assist come standard in this model and will make you feel more at ease in even uncertain driving conditions. There are plenty of interior features that will make your ride as comfortable as possible, such as a back-up camera, power steering, fog lamps, cruise control and a rear parking aid. 

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5 Iconic Fords of Pop Culture Legend

From intense action blockbusters to hard-hitting, poignant dramas to live breaking news, cars often play a vital role in defining a character or an entire era. Cars are an external manifestation of something inside us as humans. They signify a certain type of freedom not afforded to generations that brought us here. They are a status symbol. They can even become legends in their own right.


Ford has been at the forefront of creating some…

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2018 Showdown: Ford Focus vs. Chevy Cruze

Let’s be honest with each other: If you are considering one of these two models for your next vehicle purchase, you are making a financial decision.


Otherwise, you’d be buying a Ferrari.


Whether you are making a purchase for a new teen driver, or a solid “within-my-means” purchase for yourself, you need to know you are buying a safe and reliable transportation machine above all else. Many people get caught up in all…

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Get a Great Preowned Car at Ernest McCarty Ford Today

At Ernest McCarty Ford, we believe in delivering the best value for your dollar, and that's why we carry nothing but high-quality cars in our used inventory. We have the car you're looking for at the price you can afford, all from the convenience of our local Alabaster, AL showroom!

Whether it's a subcompact sedan or large SUV, our pre-owned inventory has the selection you're looking for. All of our cars and trucks have been hand selected by professional buyers to fit your needs. We take great pride in matching the perfect vehicle for each client…

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