Ford F-150 in Birmingham, AL


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The Ford F-150 has seen many changes over the years since its first line of trucks was introduced in 1948. The F-Series includes the F-1, or half ton; the F-2, or three-quarter ton; and the F-3, or heavy-duty truck.

The first modern improvements of the F-Series included that of smoother body contours, integrated headlights, a bigger cab, and a one-piece windshield. The F-Series debuted with two engine options: the 226 cubic inch at 95 horsepower, and the 239 cubic inch at 100 horsepower.

In 1952, the F-Series received the first of its cosmetic revisions. These modifications included a different grille and mechanical upgrades, as well as a waterproof ignition, to improve the overall performance and durability of the truck.

In 1954, the "driverized cab" added armrests, a dome light, cigar lighter, and sun visors. In 1957, more modern restyling added a lower hood now flush with front fenders. The two body styles at this time were the traditional Flareside model with separate rear fenders and the Styleside model with smooth sides.

In 1959, the F-Series saw the addition of four-wheel drive. In 1961, the truck underwent a complete redesign, returning to the single headlights and lower, wider trucks. In 1965, three new engines debuted-the 240 and 300-cubic-inch sixes with 150 and 170 horsepower, and a 352-cubic-inch V8 with 208 horsepower. In 1965, the F-250 "Crew Cab" debuted as a four-door pickup truck.

In 1968, the F-100 models featured new "Mono-Beam" front suspension, and coil springs replaced leaf springs. In 1973, the improvements included a 'beefier frame,' roomier cab, and optional automatic transmission. Also at this time, new body features included a concave groove that ran the length of the body and a cleaner grille with integrated turn signals.

In 1974, an extended cab version of the F-Series, the SuperCab, debuted. The Ford F-150 was added to the line in 1975, and became 1/3 of the F-Series' sales. Since 1977, it has continued onward as the highest-selling truck as well as the highest-selling vehicle in America since 1983.

The average MPG in 1975 was 11.5. In 2016, it is now 17.3. Ford has produced over 35 million F-Series trucks-that is 140 billion pounds of truck. In 2015, Ford sold a truck and a half per minute, and the 2017 model will have 411 horsepower, comparable to the original, which had just 95 horsepower in 1948.