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Get Rewarded

Owner Advantage Rewards is our way of saying thank you for your service loyalty. With Ford Service, you also get competitive prices, convenient hours and the expertise of Ford technicians.

Owner Advantage Rewards

Be rewarded for taking good care of your vehicle with Owner Advantage Rewards. Every time you purchase parts or have your Ford or any other vehicle in your household in for service, you'll be eligible to earn rewards. Plus, you'll receive members-only bonuses and offers as a member of this free program. To learn more about enrolling in Owner Advantage Rewards, contact Ernest McCarty Ford today.

Benefits of Owner Advantage Rewards

As a way to say thank you for your service loyalty, Owner Advantage Rewards is offered as a free program at Ernest McCarty Ford. Besides the competitive pricing and convenient hours you've come to expect from our Ford dealership, Owner Advantage Rewards offers the following benefits:

  • $10 enrollment bonus
  • 5% credit on parts and service purchases
  • Special oil change offers
  • Select service rebates rolled into rewards
  • Eligibility for all household vehicles

How to Use Owner Advantage Rewards

Any time you bring your Ford or another household vehicle into Ernest McCarty Ford for service, tell your service advisor that you're an Owner Advantage Rewards member. You'll earn a 5% credit for future services and parts purchases. In addition, you can roll select rebates earned from The Works, tires and other services into your rewards account. To access your Owner Advantage Rewards number, current balances, special offers and more on your mobile device, simply click here on your smartphone.

Enroll in Owner Advantage Rewards

Get rewarded for purchasing parts and services from Ernest McCarty Ford with Owner Advantage Rewards. Enroll online today, or contact us for more information about this free program. Already a member? Check your balance via your online account.


Earning rewards is easy

Bring your Ford, or any other vehicle in your household in for paid service, and you'll earn a 5% credit toward future service visits. Just tell your Service Advisor you're an Owner Advantage Rewards member.

Roll service rebates into rewards

Now you can roll select rebates you earn on The Works, tires, and other services into your rewards account.* To get started, go to FordOwner.com/rebates and click on "Get Your Service Rebates."

Get your Mobile Member Card

Get instant access to your Owner Advantage Rewards current balances, special offers and more. With your member number handy, go to rewards.ford.com/mobile on your smart phone or other mobile device.**
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*Credit card rebates may not be applied to an Owner Advantage Rewards account. Applying rebates to an active Owner Advantage Rewards account may not be available in all areas. See us for rebate details.

**Message and data rates may apply.