Ford Tires in Birmingham, AL

We are more than just a dealership; we also want to help you maintain your vehicle. Take our advice: finding quality tires is critical to ensuring your safety on the road. If your tires are in bad shape, you may find your vehicle handles external conditions poorly, such as bad weather. In addition, you are at greater risk of a blowout, endangering yourself and your passengers.

Finding the Right Tires

Most customers match the same size tires that are already on their vehicle, but changing sizes may have some benefits. Lower-profile tires on a car may give you increased handling and a smoother ride. Plus-sized tires, which are the same height but have a lower sidewall, may give you an improvement in responsiveness. And if you have a truck or SUV, upsized tires may improve your payload capacity and traction.

Our Tires

At our service center, we carry 13 brands of tires in a variety of sizes and treads. We also offer a low price guarantee. Browse our selection, then bring in your vehicle and let our experts install them professionally.