Why Buy at This Alabama Ford Dealer

Ernest McCarty Ford is the best choice for a no-hassle deal without hidden fees or high-pressure sales tactics. Our dedicated team is proud of the quality of service we provide, whether you need a brand new vehicle or a whole commercial fleet. The Ernest McCarty Ford Difference At our dealership, we have a more neighborly approach to business. Here are a few examples:

      Ernest McCarty Ford never charges a doc, prep, delivery, or any fee other than the state title fee.
      Our sales tax rate is only 2.875%, as opposed to the 3.875-5% other dealerships in the area have to charge due to their locations.
      Ernest McCarty Ford does not mark up our buy rates from the banks. Most dealerships get special buy rates from the banks. Then, they mark them up to make money on financing your vehicle. To put it simply, we don't do the markup. We get the same buy rates, but we pass them on to you so that you get a lower payment.
      We are just real, everyday people that want you to have the best all around deal and experience. We don't beat on the table and tell you why you have to buy now.
      When our customers are happy, we are too! Proudly Serving Alabama The bottom line for us is that we specialize in repeat customers.

Even if it's your first time setting foot on our lot, we want to convert you into a lifelong customer of Ernest McCarty Ford. Located in Alabaster, we're just minutes from Birmingham, Alabama. Come find out about our special offers, and we'll find the right vehicle for your needs and budget.