Alabama's Aspiring Young Drivers Benefit From The Ford Experience

Facing the challenges on Alabama roads, as well as elsewhere in the country, can be daunting for new drivers. A new Ford, with its emphasis on safety and a feature-rich environment, can help new drivers and those taking driving lessons develop the right habits for a safe driving experience. From features that reduce distractions to traction control, a new Ford can help new drivers build their confidence and make the roads safer for everyone.

Don't Be Distracted

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, distracted driving is a leading cause of crashes among all drivers, and especially among younger drivers. While Alabama has a law against texting a driving and against cellphone use in a vehicle by those with an intermediate license, cellphones still are the largest source of the distractions. Many Ford cars are equipped with Bluetooth systems that offer hands-free, distraction-reduced driving. These systems often allow for voice control or steering control over the radio, so there is less chance of a driver being distracted while changing a station or pulling up a new playlist.

Be Safe, In and Out of The Car

Getting off late at work and walking to the back of the parking lot can be dangerous. Ford cars and trucks are designed to help provide an element of safety outside the vehicle as well. Remote keyless entry allows you to unlock your car or truck quickly without having to fumble for your keys and exposing you to further dangers. Some cars or trucks have perimeter lighting that activates when the button on the remote is pressed so you can see your car and what is nearby. There is also a panic alarm to attract attention if a danger is present.

Know Your Car

Often mentioned in passing during driving lessons is the fact that new drivers should know the safety characteristics of their primary driving vehicle. Ford cars and trucks are built to be safe in a wide range of conditions. Many have all-disk brakes, anti-lock braking systems, stability control and more to make the driving experience as safe as possible.

Ford has been providing safe cars, trucks and SUVs that have helped new drivers bolster the skills and confidence needed to cope with challenges on the highways and byways of Alabama and the nation. For aspiring young drivers, a Ford car, truck or SUV is the perfect vehicle to get them started right.